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Piazza Saint Francis

San Francisco’s proposed Poet’s Plaza in North Beach.

San Francisco is a superb city. With wildly different neighborhoods, charm, and vibrancy, it’s beloved by locals and visitors. Even goat herders in the Albanian mountains have exclaimed to me “Ah, you come from San Francisco!”

But the city is far from adequate when public space is concerned. Most neighborhoods, if they have any public space, generally have little more than parks detached from the hustle bustle of the community. And perhaps a parklet or two. This is a poor state of affairs for such a world-renowned place.

However, things could change. Local organizers are pushing for a new public space – Poet’s Plaza (or officially Piazza Saint Francis) – to be formed out of a short block of Vallejo Street in the North Beach neighborhood. The location would be superb, right off of Broadway with key destinations close by such as the famous Caffé Trieste. The piazza would be modestly-sized, meaning it would take a small number of people to make it lively. And there are plans to improve the space over time by, for instance, adding small shops around the plaza’s edges. There’s much to love about this project.

And it could become a reality this year.

Vallejo Street today. Could this become a new piazza?

Vallejo Street today. Could this become a new piazza?

You can help. Signatures are being collected to demonstrate public support for the project. Anyone, local or otherwise, can sign it…

Sign the Poet’s Plaza Petition

It takes less than a minute to add your name. I strongly encourage you to do so.

Public support for Poet’s Plaza certainly makes this project’s success more likely. Support for this plaza also helps the efforts of other public space projects in San Francisco. This in turn encourages people in other parts of the world to create more public spaces where they live. All projects are connected.

So sign that petition and spread the word!