Adam Greenfield is a community, public space, pedestrian, and bicycle advocate based in Austin, Texas. His work largely focuses on building a popular movement to change the built environment to ensure a more sociable, civic, happy, sustainable, and prosperous life for all.

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Notable Projects

Congress For All (2018 – Present)

Adam co-founded Congress For All, a bold re-envisioning of Congress Avenue, the iconic main street of Austin and Texas, as a world-class pedestrian-oriented public space. The project integrates several international best practices, including reversible car-free pilots and repurposing roadway space and parking as micro-business spaces.

Austin Land Development Code (2019 – Present)

A Land Development Code (LDC) determines what gets built on private property, including buildings’ size, proximity to each other and to streets, and what they’re used for. This crucial document profoundly shapes a community’s way of life. As Walk Austin Board President, Adam pushed for Austin’s new LDC to boost walkability through reduced minimum building setbacks and other recommendations.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Advocacy (2016 – Present)

Adam has led and won several grassroots campaigns, mobilizing thousands of people to support safer walking and bicycling. In conjunction with Bike Austin and Walk Austin, Adam spearheaded a successful campaign for a 5-mile protected bicycle lane on Shoal Creek Boulevard, a crucial north-south bike artery between north and central Austin, one of the largest bicycle infrastructure projects of its kind undertaken by the City of Austin.

Shoal Creek Blvd bike lane

Neighborhood Block Parties (2014 – Present)

Block parties are a key way for neighbors to enjoy their street as a place for community. Adam has worked with the City of Austin and communities in San Francisco to promote block parties and has worked with residents on dozens of events. His report “Building Blocks” details how cities and advocates can best encourage this crucial community-building tool.

Block party banquet

Inner Sunset Flea Market (2015 – Present)

From 2010-2015, Adam founded and ran the volunteer Inner Sunset Sundays street fair events, temporarily transforming a prominent commercial block in San Francisco’s Inner Sunset neighborhood into a public plaza several times a year. In 2015, he turned the event into the Inner Sunset Flea, a more financially sustainable monthly flea market, attended by 1,500 people per event, whose base goal is still to build community and which is managed today by Sunset Mercantile.

Inner Sunset Flea Market

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